Welcome to Rocking My Glory!

Rocking My Glory is founded by Philanthropist and Breast Cancer Survivor, Kim Cantey Davis with a mission to restore self-esteem and self-confidence of women whose inner spirit has been affected during their battle against cancer. 


Find the joy in this united mantra to Rocking Your Glory; for your glory is not found within the strands of your hair but in the strength of your spirit and the bravery of your fight. The Rocking My Glory Movement encourages the confidence for women rocking their glorious baldies, low fades and short hair styles. When you support RMG you help to support breast cancer warriors!

Rocking My Glory hopes to help women see past the shine of their bald crown and discover the glow of their Glory (from the inside out) while fighting cancer. 



Kim Cantey Davis

Through self-examination, in January of 2017 I found a lump near my nipple area in my right breast. Without any hesitation, I immediately scheduled a doctor visit to get a medical opinion, she too felt the lump. It was advised that I receive further testing, and on February 2 I went in for an ultrasound and mammogram with a Diagnostic Radiology Specialist, and he too discover the lump and more. He noticed that there were two other concerning areas, and quickly after I was scheduled to get 3 biopsies, one for each of the concerning areas.