Glory Girl Of the Month

A Glory Girl is a woman who has decided to fearlessly rock her beauty during her fight against breast cancer. Despite the loss of her hair, she remains strong, prideful, and confident. 

Do you know a Glory Girl? Or know a woman who needs to be reminded that beauty and glory shines from within? Nominate someone you know today to become our next Glory Girl Feature. Every Glory Girl Feature will be featured in our Glory of the Month segment for their very own spotlight sharing their breast cancer journey! You can also nominate yourself!

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Meet Glory Girl Survivor of the Month, Kim Cantey Davis


Through self-examination, in January of 2017 I found a lump near my nipple area in my right breast. Without any hesitation, I immediately scheduled a doctor visit to get a medical opinion, she too felt the lump. It was advised that I receive further testing, and on February 2 I went in for an ultrasound and mammogram with a Diagnostic Radiology Specialist, and he too discover the lump and more. He noticed that there were two other concerning areas, and quickly after I was scheduled to get 3 biopsies, one for each of the concerning areas.

On, Feb 24th I went in for a Steretactic Biospy and an Ultrasound Breast Biopsy and anxiously waited for a week to hear about my results. On March 1st, I received the call that nobody wants to get, cancer had been found in all three areas of my right breast. I was diagnosed with Stage 0 to Stage 1 of HER2+ Breast Cancer, one of the most aggressive tumor types of breast cancer.  I also took the Ambry Genetics (BRCAplus-Expanded test to confirm if I carried the pathlogical gene associated with breast cancer and that report came back negative. Thank God for that result.

My journey was happening so fast, from the time I found my first lump it was a snowball effect. March 21st I received my chemo port surgery and then started my first session of chemotherapy on the March 23rd.  I spent my summer on a 21-day chemo cycle with the following Chemo Cocktail: Perjeta, Herceptin, Taxotere, Carboplatin, & Fosaprepitant. Along with that regimen, I had to take Dexamethasone/DECADRON which included 2 tablets by mouth twice a day for 5 doses starting the morning prior to Taxotere; 1 Zyrtec tablet was taken one hour prior to chemotherapy; an injection of ZARXIO shots had to be taken daily for 3 days beginning 24 hours after chemo in my stomach. In total I completed 6 harsh chemotherapy sessions staring March 23rd up until my last session on July 13th. A month later, I had a bilateral mastectomy surgery along with breast reconstruction surgery on August 14th, and on August 29th I received the great news from my surgeon that the pathological test results and test of my lymph nodes came back benign, the chemo had terminated the cancer. On November 2, I started with the second phase of breast reconstruction surgery to getting implants.

Although technically cancer free, my journey still continued. I continued with the drug Herceptin for up to a year due to the risks of my HER2+ tumor. My final treatment was on May, 24th 2018 (The day I rung the PINK BELL AS A SURVIVOR)  I continued with breast reconstruction and due to complications of scarred tissue on my left breast, I had to redo the entire breast reconstruction surgery again getting new implants on July, 9th 2018. I hope to complete the final stage (part 3) of breast reconstruction in December 2018 by my plastic surgeon, Dr. Max Yeslev.

I share these dates and milestones with you to share just how quickly life can change. In a 14 months I went from cancer fighter to survivor. I had alot of side effects along the way also, but I am very grateful for God's Glory that has shined on me in the conclusion of my breast cancer journey. Through all the side effects, changes and challenges that I endured through my journey, I’m grateful to be alive to share my testimony of God’s grace and glory. Early detection saved my life but here I stand alive and growing stronger each day. Self-examination was truly the key that unlocked my Glory and saved my LIFE! My mission now is to encourage other women in their fight and give back in every way I can through care baskets and sisterhood.

Be blessed ladies, and if you do nothing else practice self-love with self-examination.

With Love, 

Kim Cantey Davis

Check out the video here.

Message from Kim: "I want to give thanks to both my makeup artist and photographer so others in the same profession will see that they will be recognized on our site and we have a link that will direct to their website. Special thanks to make up artist, Tara Gaskin IG @paintedfacesbytara and photographer, Michole Kemp of"

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